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This section contains a brief description of the major activities of: teaching, research and non-academic courses. All activities carried out by Professor Francisco M. González-Longatt. These activities include contributions made to the university teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. A lot of teaching materials are provided in the link of teaching. It has included a section especially for R&D and Innovation activities where Prof. Francis M. González-Longatt have participated.


Academic Courses
This website contain information of undergraduate and graduate courses in electrical engineering taught by Professor Francisco M. Gonzalez-Longatt. Some courses of graduate students in Management are included too. Each course have own website and provide: teach material, class notes, support materials, exams, resolved exercises, exams, test, past exams, etc..



Non Academic Courses

This website is reserved to show the non-academic courses including project executed with companies.



Research & Development and Innovation
This website is used to present information related to scientific events, research projects and scientific societies which Professor Francisco M. Gonzalez-Longatt has participated.



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