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Francisco M. González-Longatt born on July 30, 1972 on Cagua, Estado Aragua, Venezuela. The is Power Engineering PhD (UCV, Caracas, Venezuela 2008), Master on Business Administration (UBA, Venezuela 1999), Electrical Engineer (IUPFAN, Venezuela 1994). Associated Professor at Electrical Engineering Department of Universidad Nacional Experimental Politécnica de la Fuerza Armada Nacional (1995). He is funder member of Electric Energy Research Group (Grupo de Investigaciones Avanzadas en Energía Eléctrica in Spanish, giaELEC). He has directed several research  and  projects during more than thirteen years in studies and projects of electrical engineering in the following areas: renewable energies, systems of power analysis and simulation, and conversion of energy.

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A summary of the academic and professional path of the Prof. Francisco M. Gonzalez-Longatt, is showed in Brief section. This includes a brief summary of the developed activities and areas of interest.

Total content of  Prof. Francisco M. Gonzalez-Longatt curriculum is showed in this section. Links are included  to download several documents.

Awards and distinctions
Along his professional career Prof. Francisco M. Gonzalez-Longatt has become crediting of a series of recognitions, distinctions and awards. A list of these elements are showed in this section.

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