11th December of 2009, University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom

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In order to promote the spirit of group and celebrate success level reached, on 11th December 2009, the members of the power system research group celebrate a Christmas lunch. This meeting was a prefect occasion to enhance the relationship between team members including their partners.

First row (left to rigth) Ms Happy Novanda, Prof. Vladimir Terzija, Mr Deyu Cai, Mr Peter Wall, Dr Lei Ding, second row: Prof Ling, Dr Francisco Gonzalez-Longatt, Mr Pawel Rawalski, Mr Gustavo Valverde [download full size]


A Italian restaurant was an adequate environment to share comments, experiences, and some jokes. Christmas crackers, excellent food and good conversation theme were the main ingredients of a good lunch.



Sent by: Dr. Francisco M. González-Longatt 17th December 2009.





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