“Future Wide Area Monitoring, Protection and Control System in Great Britain and Ireland Network”.

23rd April 2010, University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom


Business lunch. Mr Peter Wall, Mr Pawel Regulski, Dr Mark Osborne, Prof Vladimir Terzija, Mr Deju Cai. Photo: FGL
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“Future Wide Area Monitoring, Protection and Control System in GB and IRL Network”. A superb project meeting was developed in The University of Manchester last 23rd April 2010. This project meeting was a perfect opportunities to share research expediencies and detect further research areas.


Mr Peter Wall. Inertia Constant Estimation


Dr. Mark Osborne, National Grid


Mr. Deyu Cai


National Grid project meeting regarding the future vision of WAMPAC in the Great Britain and Ireland Network. Dr. Mark Osborne from NG was an important visitor who share comments and opinion about the project under development by the WAMPAC Research team in Manchester.


The starting presentation was developed by Prof Vladimir Terjiza, he talked about the WAMPAC project and research areas in The University of Manchester. Special words were dedicated to presented the further areas of research. Mr Deyu Cai talked about the Inter-area Oscillations, he show some results of his research and show some key aspects in the integration between MATLAB and DiGSILENT. Load Modelling and its parameter estimation was lectured by Mr Pawel Regulski. A new methods of Inertia constant estimation based in frequency measurements by PMU was presented by Mr Peter Wall.


Dr Francisco M. Gonzalez-Longatt show the main challenges in term of the theoretical  framework of Intelligent control Islanding.


Prof Vladimir Terzija, Principal investigator and leader of the WAMPAC Research Team


Mr. Pawel Reguslki, in his presentation of Load Modelling



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