Power System Dynamic and Renewable Energy Resources: Modelling, Simulation and Analysis using DIgSILENT PowerFactory

Universidad de Santiago de Chile, DIE-Usach, Av. Ecuador 3519, Estación Central, Santiago de Chile, Chile. 9th-10th August 2012

1. Objective:

To provide a thorough and comprehensive introduction to the most important aspect of modelling, analysis and simulation of the dynamic behaviour of power system with/without the integration of renewable energy, using the main features of PowerFactory software.

The approach used in this course is learning-doing, two main components for the considered approach are: (i) strong theoretical and abstract concepts required for an accurate modelling/analysis and (ii) the practical approach required on the perspective of the power system simulation.

The topics to be covered during the seminar include: Overview of power system analysis function in DIgSILENT, RMS simulations for analysis of power system stability. An introduction of the dynamic modelling with PowerFactory and its use for wind power integration studies.

2. Pre-Requisites:

• A good working knowledge of how to operate Windows, Windows Explorer and any normal Windows program (e.g. Word).

• A basic mathematical understanding of loadflow studies and fault calculations and very good mathematical knowledge of the basic techniques used on control system design.

• Good understanding of dynamic processes in power systems, previous experiences in time-domain simulations are desired.

• Participants should be familiar with the general handling of the PowerFactory software (Load flow and short-circuit calculation with PowerFactory)

• Background experience through the use of DIgSILENT PowerFactory - this will greatly enhance the participants; the handling of the RMS-simulations is highly desired.  

3. Duration:

This seminar is designed for duration of 2 days, considering 8 hours per day.

4. Location:

Universidad de Santiago de Chile, DIE-Usach, Av. Ecuador 3519, Estación Central, Santiago de Chile, Chile.

5. Audience:

• Postgraduate students

• Utility engineers

• System operators

• Maintenance staff

• Wind power and Photovoltaic producers

• Consultants and researchers on wind energy and photovoltaic systems .

6. Seminar Outline:

I. Introduction into DIgSILENT PowerFactory

II. Overview of Power System Analysis Functions

III. Power System Stability

IV. Dynamic Modelling with PowerFactory

VI. Modelling of Wind Generation

VII. Modelling of Photovoltaic Systems

6. Instructor Biography

Francisco M. Gonzalez-Longatt is currently a Lecturer in Electrical Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering and Computing, University of Coventry and he is Vice-President of Venezuelan Wind Energy Association. His academic qualifications include First Class Electrical Engineering of Instituto Universitario Politécnico de la Fuerza Armada Nacional, Venezuela (1994), Master of Business Administration (Honors) of Universidad Bicentenaria de Aragua, Venezuela (1999) and PhD in Electrical Power Engineering from the Universidad Central de Venezuela (2008). He is former associate professor on Electrical engineering Department of Universidad Nacional Politécnico de la Fuerza Armada Nacional, Venezuela (1995-2009). He was formerly with the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, The University of Manchester as Postdoctoral Research Associate (2009-2011). His main area of interest is integration of intermittent renewable energy resources into future power system and smart grids.

7. Download a Brochure:

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