"Impact of high penetration level of wind power generation on the power system dynamic behaviour of SING" (Spanish "IMPACTO DE LA INTEGRACIÓN DE ALTOS NIVELES DE GENERACIÓN EÓLICA EN LA ESTABILIDAD TRANSITORIA Y EN EL COMPORTAMIENTO DINÁMICO DEL S.I.N.G")

Universidad de Antofagasta, Antofagasta Chile, 1st August 2012


This project is the 1st thesis of the MSc on Energy Development program at Universidad de Antofagasta, it was presented by Eduardo Andrés Erices Muñoz on 1st August 2012.

This is a very first step toward the integration of two important wind farm in the north of Chile. The analysis involved the wind farm "Valle de los Vientos" (100MW) and "CKani" (240 mw) and more detailed studies are required in terms of dynamic behaviour.

Geographical location of "Valle de los Vientos" Wind Farm



Geographical location of "Ckani" Wind Farm


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