Meeting about WAMPAC project on UNIMAN

9th September of 2009, University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom


On Wednesday 9th of September 2009 the WAMPAC research group had a meeting with Dr. Mark Osborne an important National Grid member working in this important area. The occasion was useful to show all research activities and projects. Prof. Vladimir Terzija lectured about the National Grid Power Systems Research Centre at The University of Manchester with special emphasis in Laboratory WAMPAC Project and top of the line research about Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU).


Photo: Prof Vladimir Terzija talking about the WAMPAC Project


All PhD students in the research group presented their research activities. Mr. Deyu Cai talked about the WAMPAC Strategies for GB Transmission Network and inter-area oscillations, Mr. Gustavo Valverde show the current status of his research about Advanced State Estimation based on Synchronized Measurement Technology, Mr. Pawel Regulski presented the state of art about Real-time Load Modelling Supported by PMUs and finally Mr. Gary Preston talked about a New Approach for Fault Location on Transmission Lines Not Requiring Line Parameters using PMU’s. After these presentations a clear image of the research activities was evident and a high level discussion about these topics was developed with Dr. Mark Osborne.


Photo: Prof Vladimir Terzija show the new equipments SEL-451 to Dr. Mark Osbone


This meeting enhances and improves the relationship between NG and UNIMAN and was a exceptional opportunity to produce a new pathway of research and collaboration.


Sent by: Dr. Francisco M. González-Longatt 20th September 2009.





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