9th December 2009. The University of Manchester.

 A meeting of Power system research group was done in Ferranti Building, the University of Manchester, on 9th December of 2009. The aim of this meeting was provide a environment to share knowledge, experiences, challenges, etc. This meeting will be delivered each three month in order to provide a synergy in the information flow and knowledge transfer.

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The welcome and opening address by the leader of the research team  Prof. V. Terzija. After that he talked about ‘How to manage a Research Team consisting of more than 10 researchers’.

Prof Vladimir Terzija


Mr Gary Preston lectured about the 'Parameter-free fault locators’ followed by Mr Deyu Cai with a excellent presentation regarding  'Wide-area monitoring, protection and control on critical transmission corridors'. Mr Gustavo Valverde explain his results in the reserach of ‘State Estimation supported by Synchronized Measurements: Dynamic and Steady State Conditions’.

Mr Deyu Cai talking about WAMPAC and Mr Pawel Regulski.


Mr Gustavo Valverde

‘The schedule of the workshop was hard. The project about the Estimation of Load Parameters, results and expectation of research was shown by Mr Pawel Regulski.

Mr Pawer Regulski and Mr Peter Wall (left to right)


.As part of the Frecon project, Mr Peter Wall talked about ‘Early Frequency Instability Predictor Based on Synchronised Wide Area Measurements – E-FIP’  and followed by Dr Francisco Gonzalez-Longatt talking about WAMPAC Strategies for Intelligent Control Islanding -Challenges-.


Mr Deyu Cai, Ms Happy Novanda and Mr Gustavo Valverde (left to right)


‘Problems of Differential Protection on Distributed Parameter Line’ was presented by Dr Lei Ding and finally Ms Happy Novada explain the development in the research about  ‘Power Quality Monitoring Algorithms’.

 Ms Happy Novanda



Sent by: Dr. Francisco M. González-Longatt 17ht December 2009.





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