Optimal Electric Network Design for a Large Offshore Wind Farm Based on a Modified Genetic Algorithm Approach


  F. González-Longatt, P. Wall, Regulski, P.V. Terzija
This paper appears in: Systems Journal, IEEE

OISSN : 1932-8184

INSPEC Accession Number: 12543358

Digital Object Identifier : 10.1109/JSYST.2011.2163027

Date of Publication : 01 September 2011

Date of Current Version : 20 February 2012

 Issue Date : March 2012

Sponsored by : IEEE Systems Council


The increasing development of large-scale offshore wind farms around the world has caused many new technical and economic challenges to emerge. The capital cost of the electrical network that supports a large offshore wind farm constitutes a significant proportion of the total cost of the wind farm. Thus, finding the optimal design of this electrical network is an important task, a task that is addressed in this paper. A cost model has been developed that includes a more realistic treatment of the cost of transformers, transformer substations, and cables. These improvements make this cost model more detailed than others that are currently in use. A novel solution algorithm is used. This algorithm is based on an improved genetic algorithm and includes a specific algorithm that considers different cable cross sections when designing the radial arrays. The proposed approach is tested with a large offshore wind farm; this testing has shown that the proposed algorithm produces valid optimal electrical network designs.


Index Terms

Biological cells , Encoding , Investments , Optimization , Substations , Wind farms , Wind turbines

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