Procedure for estimation of equivalent model parameters for a wind farm using post-disturbance on-line measurement data


F. González-Longatt, P. Regulski, P. Wall, V. Terzija
This paper appears in: Innovative Smart Grid Technologies (ISGT Europe), 2011 2nd IEEE PES International Conference and Exhibition on

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Conference Location : Manchester

ISSN : 2165-4816

E-ISBN : 978-1-4577-1420-7

Print ISBN: 978-1-4577-1422-1

 INSPEC Accession Number: 12577924

Digital Object Identifier : 10.1109/ISGTEurope.2011.6162775

 Date of Current Version : 05 March 2012

Issue Date : 5-7 Dec. 2011


Fixed speed wind turbines (FSWT) based on induction generators (IGs) are widely used due to their simple construction and ease of operation. Proper operation and control of a wind farm composed of FSWTs requires accurate models of the main FSWT elements, including the IG. This paper presents a procedure for using on-line measurements of the post-disturbance system to estimate the equivalent model parameters of a wind farm. This procedure is the wind farm equivalent application: WFEq Application and it is suitable for use in as part of Wide Area Monitoring, Protection, and Control (WAMPAC). The performance and robustness of the WFEq are evaluated using two test systems, where the parameters of the WFEq model are estimated using the Nonlinear Least Squares method. The inputs needed to use the WFEq application are measurements of the active and reactive power after a disturbance to the system frequency. Results of the equivalent model estimation procedure demonstrate a high quality of performance in terms of both convergence and accuracy.


Index Terms

Estimation , Frequency measurement , Parameter estimation , Power measurement , Reactive power , Wind farms , Wind turbines

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