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- MATACDC : It is a MATLAB based open source program for AC/DC powe flow. The program uses a sequential AC/DC power flow algorith and can be used to simulated interconnected AC systems and Multiterminal VSC-HVDC systems. [Click here]

- MATPOWERMATPOWER is a package of MATLABĀ® M-files for solving power flow and optimal power flow problems. It is intended as a simulation tool for researchers and educators that is easy to use and modify. MATPOWER is designed to give the best performance possible while keeping the code simple to understand and modify. It was initially developed as part of the PowerWeb project. [Click here]

- Power System Toolbox: The Power System Toolbox (PST) was conceived and initially developed by Dr. Kwok W. Cheung and Prof. Joe Chow from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in the early 1990s. From 1993 to 2009, it was marketed, and further developed, by Graham Rogers (formerly Cherry Tree Scientific Software), and is in use by utilities, consultants and universities world wide. [Click here]

- InterPSS: InterPSS (Internet technology based Power System Simulator) is a free, open source power systems analysis package built in Java by a team of international developers from the US, Canada and China. InterPSS is an integrated package that can run load flow, short circuit, transient stability and power transfer analysis. [Click here]

- MatDyn: MatDyn is a free Matlab based open source program to perform dynamic analysis of electric power systems. It is inspired by Matpower, a power flow and optimal power flow program in Matlab and shares its philosophy: "It is intended as a simulation tool for researchers and educators that is easy to use and modify." The source code of MatDyn is available. Care has been taken to keep it well structured and easy to understand. [Click here]

Multi-Terminal HVDC Software

1. Introduction

This page provides world wide web access to knowledge on Power System Analysis software with the capability of analyzing AC/DC networks.

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3. Non-Commercial Software

2. Commercial Software

DIgSILENT (PowerFactory): DIgSILENT GmbH is a German company that develops PowerFactory, a Windows-based integrated power systems modelling and analysis package. DIgSILENT PowerFactory is easy to use and caters for all standard power system analysis needs, including high-end applications in new technologies such as wind power and distributed generation and the handling of very large power systems. In addition to the stand-alone solution, the PowerFactory engine can be smoothly integrated into GIS, DMS and EMS supporting open system standards.
Some of the functions include power flow analysis, fault analysis, stability analysis, network reduction, protection analysis, electromagnetic transients analysis, motor starting analysis, OPF, harmonic load flow, state estimation, contingency and reliability assessments, overhead line and cable parameter calculation, distribution network analysis, eigenvalue / modal analysis.
Features include a C++ style scripting language called the DPL and a single, integrated, flexible database.