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IEEE 57 bus Test


The IEEE 57 Bus Test Case represents a portion of the American Electric Power System (in the Midwestern US) as it was in the early 1960's. The data was kindly provided by Iraj Dabbagchi of AEP and entered IEEE Common Data Format by Rich Christie at the University of Washington in August 1993. Please call any typos to my attention.

The line impedances were a bit hard to read on the (much Xeroxed) printed data and may be incorrect. The data has not been run through a power flow to check the answers. Caveat emptor! And please let me know of any corrections you find necessary.

The 57 bus test case does not have line limits!

The data was downloaded from the IEEE power systems test case archive at [1].

                                  Single line diagram of the IEEE 57-bus test system

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[1] ‘Power system test case archive’, available at:

Sources Files

- Data in Common Data Format (file ieee57cdf.txt)
- Scanned 57 bus diagram (39K JPEG) (Not especially readable.)
- Downloadable 600 DPI TIFF diagram (131K)
  (The original was an especially poor copy^N where N is large, so the scanned image is also of very poor quality,
   even at 600 dpi. Caveat downloader.)
- DIigSILENT PowerFactory [Download]
- Powerworld [Download]
- Power System Toolbox (PST) [Donwload [Donwload]
- Power System Analysis Toolbox (PSAT) [Download]