This website of Dr. Francisco M. González-Longatt brings together some of the outreach activities carried out by university and industrial level. Throughout his career he has acquired knowledge and developed many skills and abilities that makes available to the general public and specialized engineers, through training, in company courses, etc. These involve outreach activities , workshops, tutorials, training, and a lot of modalities and techniques. This site is under construction, we apologize for what will be modified over time.



COURSE OF DIGSILENT POWER FACTORY. This page contains the course's description about PowerFactory DigSilent lectured by Prof. Francisco M. González Longatt. This is the basic training, which provides the minimum knowledge to conduct studies on expansion and/or improvement of transmission networks. This training include the basic concepts of power flow to evaluate the performance in steady state of the transmission network and this course include the calculation of short circuit for fault conditions. Here you will find downloadable material throughout the course. (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)



ADVANCED TRAINING -LEVEL I: MODELLING AND SIMULATION OF WIND ENERGY CONVERSION SYSTEM. This course provides the theoretical details needed for modeling and simulation in dynamic regime of commercially available technologies for wind turbines. These skills are necessary to undertake impact studies to integrate these sources of electricity, power systems, and to be integrated in electric power systems, where simulation is the most important calculation. Practical experience in modeling and simulation of power systems to the integration of different types of wind turbines are presented, case studies are shown using DIgSILENT ® PowerFactory ™ and MATLAB ® Simulink ™.



COURSE OF SCILAB: Introduction (UNDER CONSTRUCTION). SCILAB is a powerful platforms designed for high-performance mathematical computation and graphical representation. This mathematical tool provide immense benefits with their ability to handle immense amounts of data in a flexible manner. Furthermore, this tool have capabilities for rapid model design, development, the ability to manipulate "what-if" stimuli, and statistical analysis have made these platforms popular worldwide. Participants in this course gain an basic skill level, and will be able to write scripts, to perform calculations, use the command line, import data from files, plot data. .




WIND ENERGY SYSTEM TO ELECTRICITY PRODUCTION. The production of electricity from sources environmentally friendly has increased in recent years. In particular, the use of wind energy conversion system has increase because it has multitude advantages over another renewable technologies. This tutorial aims to show the main aspects of energy conversion systems of wind. This includes technical, economic and environmental as well as presenting real practical application of systems for converting wind energy into Venezuela and the world.

11th January 2011.



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